Publication Details
Publication Details
Name World Apparel Fiber Consumption Survey - Full Edition 2013
Category Textile
Language English
Frequency Once
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Price $5500.00
Renewals Yes
Package No
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ISBN 9780979390395
Library of Congress Control Number 2013947672

The study provides data on cotton, wool, flax, cellulosic and non-cellulosic fibers available for consumption within each of 112 countries between 2000 and 2010. The methodology used in processing data and definitions of major items covered by the survey are the same as in previous FAO surveys done prior to 1995. The new FAO/ICAC survey covers 96% of world end-use fiber consumption and 98% of world mill consumption of textile fibers.

The survey is the only systematic data gathering operation covering the world at the level of the final consumer of textile fibers and the most valuable tool to measure textile demand and trade on a world and country basis. The survey is the only set of statistics that can be used by government and private industry analysts to establish and predict textile fiber demand, market shares, and trade in manufactured textiles.

The Survey released includes in appendix a translation of technical terms into French and Spanish.

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Regions available:
✪ Developed Countries: $ 3,100
✪ Developing Countries: $ 3,900
✪ North America: $ 1,400
✪ Europe: $ 1,100
✪ Former USSR: $ 200
✪ Oceania and Other Developed Countries: $ 500
✪ Africa: $ 100
✪ Latin America: $ 500
✪ Near East: $ 400
✪ Far East: $3,100

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